Board of Rector


Dr.Hoang Hung Thang
Cell phone : 0903.321.089
As the legal representative of the University, responsible to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Education & Training and other ministries and branches involving in all aspects of the university's activities. To be directly responsible for managing and administering the activities of the University according to the provisions of law and the University Charter. In charge of all the work.
- Associate training and retraining of cadres and civil servants;
- Offices, supplies and equipment;
- Organization – Human resources;
- Leadership and comprehensive management of all the work.
- Training work (training plan, teaching, practice, internship, examination, graduation review, ...)  of all kinds of training system (university, college, school or vocational training);
-Finance and accounting;
- Inspection and legal affairs;

- Education quality accreditation;
- Emulation, commendation and discipline;
- Development investment;
- Enrollment;
- Experimental production and disaster prevention;
- Directly work with the Trade Union.
- Directly in charge of:
+ Faculty of Mining - Construction, Surveying - Geology, Economics, Information Technology, Department of Political Theory
+ Office of Human Resources; Office of General Administration;Office of Finance & Accounting; Office of Academic Affairs; Office of Inspection and Educational Quality Assurance;
+ Experimental and Production Center; Mining’s Technology Transfer Center; Geomatics and Geology Engineering Center.
Vice Rector
Dr. Bui Thanh Nhu
Cell phone0912842867
In charge of :
- Services (dormitory, canteen, utilities, ...)
- Health-Environment;
- Safety;
- Management of land resources;
- Management of students;
- Culture, propaganda and sports;
- Military, security;
 Directly in charge of:
- Faculty of Mechanical-Transportation Engineering;
- Vocational Training Center;
- Office of Student Affairs;
- Office of Facilites Management and Public Services;
- Library and Information Center

Vice Rector
Dr.Nguyen The Vinh
Cell phone : 0912.224.112
In charge of:
- Admissions, post-graduate training;
- Science technology and international affairs;
- Develop and manage educational programs;
- Building and managing facilties to directly serve the training;
- Directly manage the Hochiminh Youth Union; Student Union; Veterans Association;
- Head for the advancement of women;
Directly in charge of:
- Faculty of Electrical Engineering;
- Faculty of Fundamental Science
- Office of Science Technology & International Affairs.

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