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Student science conference for the academic year 2018 -2019

Implementing theplan for the academic year, on June 19, 2019, Quang Ninh University of Industry organized the Student Science Conference2018-2019. The representatives from the Party Committee, the Rector, the Trade Union; relevant departments; teachers of specialized faculties; instructors; students who have reports and other students attended the conference.
Student science conference for the academic year 2018 -2019
   Last year, with the attention of the Party Committee, the Board, with the high sense of responsibility of the Functional Offices, Faculties and Departments, the enthusiasm of teachers and students,science and technology activities of the University's students took place with many diverse and abundant forms and obtained certain results. This conference is really an outstanding event and has profound implications for scientific research and for students.
  Opening remarks, Dr. Hoang Hung Thang - Secretary of the Party Committee and Rector acknowledged and appreciated the efforts and creativity of scientific research of studentsand enthusiasm of officials and lecturers in guiding students to carry out the projects, and he, along with the university's Board of Directors,hopes that in the coming years, the lecturers and students will try and promote more in teaching, learning and doing scientific researchactivities in order to spread this activity widely among students and gain higher achievements.
   The conference was launched and implemented by the University at the beginning of the school year. Fromthe students’60 scientific research topics,the faculty evaluation committees have selected 16 topics in the areas of: Electrical engineering, electronics; automation; Mechanical engineering; Economics, Information technology  to participate in school-level selection rounds. Commenting on the quality of research topics of students this year, most of the officers and lecturers in the University have positive reviews, saying that these are all topics with diverse research fields, high quality and practicality.

At the end of the Conference, the Organization awarded 01 first prizes, 02 second prizes, 03 third prizes and 05 consolation prizes. The first prize goes to the student group of Electrical Engineering class K10, Faculty of Electrical Engineering with the topic "Proposing solutions to improve the direct lightning protection system in the lecture halls-A, B, C and Information Center, Library of Qui”.
   The conference is an affirmation of the vibrant scientific research movement as well as the research capacity of students of Quang NinhUniversity of Industry. It has createda good environment for students to study, explore scientific issuesand more than that it helps the students gain valuable knowledge and experience for later life. Hopefully, this will be promoted more at the student science conference in the following academic years. 
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